About us

About us

Matadero Cabrera, Mary's Ranch


Rodolfo and Gracia Cabrera established Mary's Ranch in 1978. We became a state inspected facility in 1980. With hard work and determination in 1991, Mary's Ranch became one of the first USDA federal plant in South Florida. 

Today, Mary's Ranch continues to be a family business managed and operated by Rodolfo Cabrera Jr, Ana Cabrera, Rodolfo T. Cabrera, Joanna Desten, Jack Cabrera, and Ralfy Cabrera.

Our vision is to deliver a safe and trusted product and to keep new and old traditions alive.





Mary's Ranch became a federal plant in 1991. Our process here with USDA allows us to provide our customers with a safe and delicious product. 

Our process consists of, but is not limited to, several Critical Control Points (CCP.), HACCP protocols/plan and Sanitation Standard Operations Procedures and plans are based on supporting documents that complies previous research based on meats, microbes, temperatures, etc.


Our product has been through rigorous USDA inspection, so you can enjoy safely and continue family traditions for years to come.