• What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

    • Credit Cards; Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discovery, UnionPay
    • Cash
    • NO EBT


  • How to properly store your products?

    Products should remain in freezer until the day you want to season and cook.

  • Do your animals receive antibiotics?

    No. None of our animals have antibiotics. Our USDA inspectors do frequent Charm Kis test to verify that our animals are antibiotic free.

  • How do I handle pork safely?

    When your product is between 40 °F and 140 °F it is considered the danger zone due to exponentially growing bacteria. Meat should be stored in a freezer or cooked immediately once purchased.

    Cooked pork meat from 160 °F - 145 °F internally measuring the thickest part of the ham with a food thermometer before removing from heat source. With a 3 minute rest time before carving or consuming.

    Please read below for further information on handling.

    “How to Handle Pork Safely Raw

    -Select pork just before checking out at the supermarket register. Put packages of raw pork in disposable plastic bags (if available) to contain any leakage which could cross contaminate cooked and ready-to-eat foods or produce. Take pork home immediately and refrigerate it at 40 °F; use within 3 to 5 days or freeze (0 °F).

    -Ready-Prepared Pork

    For fully cooked take-out pork dishes such as Chinese food or barbecued ribs, be sure they are hot at pick-up. Use cooked pork within two hours (one hour if air temperature is above 90 °F) or refrigerate it at 40 °F or less in shallow, covered containers. Eat within 3 to 4 days, either cold or reheated to 165 °F (hot and steaming). It is safe to freeze ready prepared pork dishes. For best quality, use within 3 months.

    -Safe Thawing

    There are three safe ways to thaw pork: in the refrigerator, in cold water (in an airtight or leak-proof bag) and in the microwave. Never thaw at room temperature on the counter or in other locations.

    It's best to plan ahead for slow, safe thawing in the refrigerator. After thawing raw pork by this method, it will remain safe in the refrigerator 3 to 5 days before cooking. During this time, if you decide not to use the pork, you can safely refreeze it without cooking it first. When microwave-defrosting pork, plan to cook it immediately after thawing because some areas of the food may become warm and begin to cook during microwaving. Holding partially cooked food is not recommended because any bacteria present wouldn't have been destroyed. Foods defrosted in the microwave or by the cold water method should be cooked before refreezing because they potentially may have been held at temperatures above 40 °F.

    -It is safe to cook frozen pork in the oven, on the stove or grill without defrosting it first; the cooking time may be about 50% longer. Use a meat thermometer to check for doneness. Do not cook frozen pork in a slow cooker.


    Marinate pork in the refrigerator in a covered container up to 2 days, given that pork was chilled to 40 °F and below. Boil used marinade before brushing on cooked pork. Discard any uncooked leftover marinade.”




  • Why do you require name, phone number and address?

    We are required to take your information to comply with federal regulations and the compliance department. This means that the customer is required to see the animal prior to process (if it is not USDA inspected) and we require your information: name, phone number and address for verification.

  • Are these animals made for pets?

    No. Since they do not receive antibiotics these animals are not for pets.

  • Are your pigs products ordered online, frozen?

    No. Unless addressed our pig products are not frozen.

  • Are the 6lb Lamb and Goat bags frozen?

    Yes. They are USDA inspected and processed on a weekly basis. 

  • When can I order for Christmas and New Year?

    As of now we donot have a date. Please visit site frequenctly for updates. Or visit our social media page. 

  • What are your working hours?

    Monday - Thursday - 8AM to 4PM

    Friday - 8AM to 6PM

    Saturday - 7AM to 4PM

    Sunday - 8AM to 12PM